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Players that would not be in DLS 21

Players That Will Not Be In DLS 21

Dream League Soccer is currently amongst the most popular football games on mobile devices, so the current version is the dls 20 but the question is that would there be DLS 21? and the question is yes because First Touch Games are rapidly growing and promised to give their fans

How to get more Gems in DLS 20

How to get more coins in dls 20

Dream League Soccer 2020 is among the most played football games on mobile devices but unfortunately, DLS gamers are now finding it hard to get more Gems in the game. Getting more coins and gems in Dream League Soccer 2020 Is one of the most difficult things to do, but that's

Top 5 football games for Android 2020

Top 5 football games for Android

Football game is one of the most popular sport games in the world of gaming, but playing a single fame repeatedly everyday might bring some boredom, so we'll take a look at some of the best football games for Android device in 2020. If you love football/soccer game then this article


Playing with our customize kits is really one of the best things in Dream League Soccer but unfortunately, a lot of you guys have found it very difficult to create one, so this is not something to be worried about because on this post I'd be sharing the new DLS

Dream League Soccer 2020 (DOWNLOAD)

The wait is finally over as Dream League Soccer 2020 is officially released worldwide, I believe this is a great news because DLS 20 is now available in every country, if you could remember the game was released in December but it was only available in some countries, so now

Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod CR7 Edition

The legendary gamer is back, after a month without any post on this website, I'm finally back with something great for you guys and I believe you'll all love it. If you're a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, Juventus fan or at large a football fan I'm very sure you wouldn't want