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DLS 21: How Online Matchmaking Works

DLS 21: How Online Matchmaking Works

  • How Online Matchmaking Works In Dream League Soccer 2021.

Dream League Soccer 2021 Online Multiplayer is one of the most played game mode in the game, but alot of users have been complaining about the matchmaking system.

So on today’s article we’ll be discussing how the live matchmaking system works in DLS 21.

DLS 21 Online (Live) Matchmaking System:

So let’s talk about the DLS 21 Online (Live) Matchmaking System. I’m going to quote what the Dream League Soccer developer (First Touch Games) said about the matchmaking system.

Here’s what First Touch Games said about how the live matchmaking system works in Dream League Soccer 2021.

LIVE mode matches players for multiplayer games based on their LIVE Tier. In addition to this, the game server ‘ping’ is taken into account such that the game experience is acceptable for both players. Finally we consider each player’s previous matches to avoid matching with the same player repeatedly.

Things that are not considered during matchmaking are: Team Rating, Win Rate or Streak, any sort of ELO/Ranking/XP score, anything related to player spending, the position within the Tier or Leaderboard

This means that in general players should match with another player in the same Tier, but it is possible to match with a player from a different Tier, but this would only be due to lack of suitable available players from the same Tier online at the matching time.There is no control during matching to manage the difficulty experience of individual players, but as players move between tiers it is expected that opponents will be more or less challenging as a result.

So as you can see from the above quoted statement, that is how the DLS 21 matchmaking system works.

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