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Genshin Impact’s Rosaria: All You Need To Know

Genshin Impact's Rosaria: All You Need To Know

  • Everything you need to know so far about Genshin Impact’s

Rosaria as of now has a huge following of fans on the internet because of her special appearance and abrasive personality.

Since the time Genshin Impacts’ Rosaria graced players’ screens, there has been rampant speculation about her incorporation as a playable character.

Here’s What You Need To Know So Far About Rosaria:

First presented in The Chalk Prince and the Dragon storyline, Rosaria immediately turned into a fan-most loved character. Tall, pale, and very well developed, Rosaria has short, deep red hair with long bangs in front.

Her pale pink eyes appear differently in relation to dim eyeliner, and her outfit is more gothic than anything found in the game so far.

In the Japanese version of Genshin Impact, Ai Kakuma plays out Rosaria’s voice. Her English voice actor is as yet unknown as of now.

Her disposition is as icy as the vision that hangs by her lower back, with a savage thought of religious piety. She is something contrary to Genshin Impact’s Barbara in pretty much every manner, shape, and form.

There is no word yet about whether Rosaria will be playable. In any case, Genshin Impact infrequently gives players unique looking characters that convey a vision, without releasing them eventually.

Bits of gossip have been circulating that she might be a 4-Star polearm character. Now, there is confirmation that she uses the ice component, as her vision is noticeable all through her scenes in the game’s storyline.

Source: Sportskeeda

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