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Top 6 Best New Android Games

Top 6 Best New Android Games

  • The Best New Android Games This Week
  • On this article I’ll share the Top 6 new Android games.

New Android Games:

1. Marvel Realm of Champions

Best New Android Games

The most recent product of the fruitful Marvel universe is a 3v3 MOBA in which you can fight different Marvel characters, of which there is no shortage. You can customise your characters, as well if the Spidey’s outfit color isn’t as you would prefer.

2. Star Wars: KOTOR II

Top 6 Best android games

Star Wars: KOTOR II: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This ambitious RPG sequel first came out in 2004, a year after its predecessor, and to similar levels of acclaim. Like every Star Wars middle child, it’s darker than what came before, depicting the struggle of a sundered Jedi Order against the Sith, who are riding high on a wave of evil.

3.Prizefighters 2

6 best new android games

Prizefighters is a genuine pearl of a sporting game, disguising a deep, adjusted, and instinctive battle system underneath its blameless looking ’80s-era exterior. Also, Prizefighters 2 is totally everything a sequel should be, with extended fighting controls and a profound career framework that sees you taking on an avenging protege.

4. SplitFire!: Four Hands One Device

6 Best New Android Games

SplitFire!: This polished looking same-device split-screen multiplayer game sees you and a sweat-soaked, heaving human opponents grasping a phone at one or the flip side as you go through 30 seconds scrambling to arm yourself before joining a battle.

5. Hot Wheels Open World

6 Best New Android Games

Hot Wheels Open World is a Hot Wheels game that happens in an open world. The game flaunts a huge program of 80 vehicles, with bound to go along with them later. Evidently, you’ll likewise discover “one of the biggest drivable tracks”.

6. Romancing SaGa 2

6 Best New Android Games

Romancing SaGa 2 is a novel RPG, in that you play as a line of emperors, allowing you to guide the course of history as you pass from generation to generation. Square Enix guarantees that, “no two players will encounter the story in the same way”.

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