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PUBG Mobile Has Banned 2,127,454 Accounts This Week

PUBG Mobile Has 2,127,454 Accounts this week

  • This week, PUBG Mobile has banned 2,127,454 accounts for defrauding
  • The PUBG Mobile authorities have additionally shared tips to protect user’s accounts from hackers.

PUBG Mobile has published another report for players who have been banned from playing the battle royale game, due to some illegal activities in the game. The report revealed that more than 2,127,454 accounts were banned from PUBG Mobile for defrauding, with each a permanent suspension.

A week ago, PUBG Mobile suspended 1,498,044 accounts for cheating. This week, the company have banned 42% more defrauders when contrasted with the past one. You can also check out the breakdown of the ban and cheat report below.

Breakdown of the banned PUBG Mobile accounts:

PUBG Mobile Has Banned 2,127,454 Accounts This Week
(Accounts Banned Breakdown)

2 % of Conqueror tier accounts

8% of Ace tier accounts

15% of Crown tier accounts

17% of Diamond tier accounts

15% of Platinum tier accounts

12% of Gold tier accounts

9% of Silver-tier accounts

22% of Bronze tier accounts

Banned cheat report:

Pubg Mobile has banned accounts
(Banned Cheat Report)

Tips to protect your PUBG Mobile account from hackers:

Tip 1: Have a new secret password for each account.

Tip 2: Enable two-factor authentication.

Tip 3: Change password after every six (6) months.

Tip 4: Never share your accounts with anybody.

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