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PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2: Download, Features And More!

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2 features and more

  • In this article we’ll talk about the new features of PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2.
  • How to play the Beta version.

PUBG Mobile prepared to push another enormous update on its beta version. This version will bring the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2 update and recently PUBG corp rolled out the Metro Royale mode and it will be replaced with another theme update for the next season.

Here is an ideal opportunity to play, join and download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2 and test new the new features before others. However, the Beta program will only be available for players in South Asia and North America.

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2 New Features:

According to the data of GameExp, the latest beta version 1.2 of the PUBG Mobile will bring a few new features, for example, Extreme Hunt Mode, Respawn, Powered Exoskeleton.

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Download And Test PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2:

Follow the steps offered below to apply for the beta test:

• Go to this website “GameExp” to visit the PUBG Mobile 1.2 Beta Testing registration page.

• Tap on the “Apply for Test” option.

• Users should fill in the questionnaire, by providing the in-game details like PUBG Mobile ID, rank, level, platform, and other required details.

• Click on the “Submit” button. The dialogue box will then show up, prompting the users to confirm the submission. Tap on the “OK” button and that’s all you have to do.


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