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How To Earn More Coins In Pokémon Go

How To Earn More Coins In Pokémon Go

  • How To Earn Coins In Pokémon Go

Coins are the premium currency in Pokemon Go. In spite of the fact that there are a modest bunch of items that players can get by turning Pokestops, opening gifts, and completing tasks, permanent storage upgrade and avatar clothing can only be bought using these Pokemon Go coins. So on this article you’ll learn how to earn coins in Pokémon Go.

How to Earn Coins In Pokémon Go:

In fact, there are just two different ways to get these coins in the game. Players can buy these coins by using real cash (money), or they can be obtained by controlling gyms.

Presently, controlling gyms can be difficult in light of the fact that there are many users engaging it to gain control of it.To control a gym, all you have to is to defeat the current Pokemon in the gym. That allows the winning player to put their own Pokemon in the gym in Pokemon Go. For those who are new to the game, gyms are transcending structures that are controlled by both of the three teams in Pokemon Go. These gyms are accessible from trainer level 5.

How To Earn More Coins In Pokémon Go

After putting their Pokemon in a gym, players can procure six coins in 60 minutes, which means one coin in every 10 minutes.

However, Niantic has covered the income at 50 coins in a day. This implies that despite the fact that coaches can handle up to 20 gyms at some random point as expected, they can just get 50 coins in a day.

There was a new system that was about to hit the game when it came to earning coins. Players could earn only 30 coins from defending gyms, while a few featured activities gave the players another 20 coins, but this technique was scrapped for some weird reasons and players can only hope that this strategy makes it way back to the game soon enough.

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