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Cristiano Ronaldo Free Fire – Character Release Date, Ability And More!

Cristiano Ronaldo free fire character release date and more

  • Cristiano has finally been added in Garena Free Fire as Chrono Character.
  • However, the character will be available soon” for players to obtain.

The Chrono character has officially been added in Garena Free Fire. The characters with remarkable in-game ability in Free Fire are among a couple of things that set it apart from a few other battle royale games on the mobile platform.

On Monday, the Free Fire developers disclosed their collaboration with the footballing monster Cristiano Ronaldo. The in-game persona of the Juventus Talisman “Chrono” is set to advance into Free Fire with Operation Chrono.

(Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

Chrono is the mysterious character that was available in the OB25 Advance server.

In-game description: Chrono is an abundance hunter from another universe. Chrono has a very exceptional dynamic in-game ability called “Time-Turner.” It makes a power field that hinders a sum of 600 damage from the enemies. Additionally, players can fire outside from within the field.

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Aside from this, the movement speed increases by 15%, and the partners inside the field likewise get a 10% buff in the movement speed. The impact goes on for 4 seconds, and the cooldown is of 50 seconds.

Cristiano Ronaldo free fire as Chrono Character
(Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

At the most significant level, the movement speed is increased by 30%, while the partners in the field get a 15% increments in the movement speed. All of these effects last for atleast 9 seconds, and the cooldown is decreased to 40s.

Aside from this, Operation Chrono gives players an opportunity to acquire different selective in-game items for free.

Chrono Character Release Date:

The character is probably going to advance into the battle royale game on 19th December 2020 with the appearance of Operation Chrono.

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