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PUBG Mobile India: 5 Most Significant Announcements

PUBG Mobile India: 5 most significant announcements

  • In this article, we’ll be discussing about the 5 most significant announcement from the PUBG Mobile official statement.

PUBG Mobile has become one of the top games on the mobile platform and it’s also among the most played mobile games in India since its released.

Many PUBG Mobile fans were left with apprehension after the Government of India had forced a ban on the game alongside 117 different applications toward the beginning of September. From that point, the players from the nation have been sitting tight for the rebound of their cherished game.

On 12th November, PUBG Corporation, in a public statement, had declared a specific variant of PUBG Mobile for the users in the Indian region. So on this article we’ll take a look at the 5 biggest announcements from the official public statement.

PUBG Mobile India: 5 Biggest Announcements

1. $100 million investment

(Image Credits:

PUBG Corporation reported their arrangements of making a gigantic speculation of $100 million in India. It will essentially add to the turn of events and development of the Indian video game, esports, IT, and media outlets. This is additionally the biggest speculation among Korean organizations, barring producing.

2. Exclusive esports league

(Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Esports/YouTube)

The official statement likewise expressed that PUBG Corporation would be strikingly putting resources into facilitating a restrictive esports association for the Indian region. It would be one of the greatest esports event in India regarding partaking teams, prize cash, and rivalry size.

3. Better data security and privacy

(Image Credits: Microsoft)

The organizations has indicated that information security and protection are their main concern. Not long ago, Krafton had likewise reported an partnership with Microsoft Azure, and their items, including PUBG Mobile, would utilize their services. The South Korean organizations will likewise lead ordinary reviews and confirmation to strengthen security and guarantee that information is overseen safely.

4. Changes in the game

Hit effect would be locked to green

There will be slight changes in the game substance of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile to take into account of the local users. The accompanying changes were referenced in the official statement:

Green hit effect– The hit effect would almost certainly be bolted to green, in contrast to the worldwide version to demonstrate the game’s virtual nature.

Feature to confine the game time for more youthful players– There will be a limitation on the playtime to promote a solid/healthy gameplay habits.

Default character clothing– All characters in the game will probably start completely dressed.

5. Branch office

(Image Credits: PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Corporation will advance the foundation of a branch office in India to guarantee smooth administrations. They mean to enlist more than 100 workers, practicing and having mastery in different viewpoints, including game development, events, business, esports, and many more. PUBG Corporation aims to partner with local companies in India to offer better game services.

Source: Sportskeeda

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