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5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

5 best female characters in Free Fire

  • We take a look at the 5 best Female characters in Free Fire

Free Fire is a definitive survival shooter game Which is available on mobile devices. Every 10-minute game spots you on a remote island where you are set in opposition to 49 different players, all seeking survival. So on this article we’ll take a look at the 5 best female characters in the Free Fire game.

5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire:


5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

Kapella is questionable Free Fire’s best support character. Her capacity boost healing rates from the two capacities and items. Reviving with Kapella additionally gives companions a hand, starting with more HP than expected after a revive. At the point when the game is tied in with emptying health bars, having a character that has any kind of effect in refilling them can demonstrate priceless.

2. CLU

5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

Clu’s ability is a pretty cool ability that can be incredibly helpful in difficult spots. Clu’s ability lets you reveal all characters that are standing up inside a 50m radius around her. Rivals get uncovered through walls for 7 seconds without them having any approach to stop it, except if they are hunching or are prone that is.


5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

Moco’s ability uncovers enemies positions, however in an alternate route when contrasted with clu. Enemies labeled by Moco will be uncovered for 5 seconds, permitting you to pre-fire at openings or throw lethals to finish them off. The disadvantage of this ability is that you should have the option to discover the enemy first, as the ability won’t be useful if enemies are hunkering down on you.


5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

Laura is a sharpshooter. Her ability improves precision while shooting through a degree by an astounding 30%. In a game where gunplay is the essential strategy for battle, a precision lift can truly help pile up those skills. Long range experiences should be way simpler in case you’re utilizing Laura and her ability.

5. A124

5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

A124 is a robot character, made with modern day innovation. Her ability allows you to convert 25 EP into HP inorder to heal yourself. Her ability is truly amazing on the grounds because it lets you heal up super effectively in the center of battle.

She is significantly more grounded when she is pushed to the limit, allowing you to take upto 250HP worth of harm prior to passing on. Joining her ability with Luqueta will being her total to an Incredible 285 hitpoints.

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