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5 Amazing Among Us Memes

5 Amazing Among Us Memes
(Image Credits: Viper monster)
  • Among Us has broken the internet and the memes of this game are, nearly, as famous as the Among Us game itself.

‘Among Us’ is an exceptionally basic social deduction game and incorporates a decent measure of humor also depending on who’s playing the game. There are a ton of silly moments that happen in the game and the community has reacted by making memes.

The number of memes made about something is likely a strong indicator of exactly how popular it is. By that measurement, Among Us is experiencing an enormous wace of popularity right now. So let’s take a look at the 5 Amazing ‘Among Us’ memes.

5 Amazing Among Us Memes:

1. Speed Typing

(Image Credits: r/AmongUs)

This happens very often in Among Us game, most especially in random lobbies. Given the way that the game has mobile players also, it’s really hard to type a message in some cases when playing it on mobile. It can likewise be truly odd when individuals simply drop a random message “where” out of the blue.

2. “Blue is sus”

(Image Credits: r/AmongUs)

There have been circumstances where a player has followed another player throughout the tasks and afterward ends up calling them “sus” during emergency meeting. Their point of view feels really questionable at times.

3. “I don’t want to play anymore”

(Image Credits: r/AmongUs)

Random lobbies can get truly irritating at times. Alot of players will keep requesting that the host should start the game, even when there aren’t enough players. At that point once the game begins and the match is in progress, these players disappear.

4. “You can’t see me”

(Image Credits: r/AmongUs)

It’s very important to complete tasks even after dying in the game. That way the chances of the crewmates winning the game will increase. In any case, it’s fun to haunt the killer. Completing the tasks is important, but haunting the impostor is more important.

5. “I’m afraid of the dark”

(Image Credits: r/AmongUs)

The darkness is the place where the impostor sneaks. It’s easier to get taken out in darkness, particularly when players are distant from everyone else. There are a great deal of courageous spirits who do end up surviving alone in Among Us, however the greater part of the players out there want to remain together.

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