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Dream League Soccer 2021 Release Date

Dream League Soccer is currently one of the most played football games on both Android and iOS devices with the current version of Dream League Soccer which is the ‘DLS 20’ having over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store worldwide.

DLS 21 Release Date

Dream League Soccer 2021 is now the most awaited game of football that every football gamer is patiently waiting to play, so the question here is that “when is the release date for DLS 21?”

As you all know, we always try our possible best to bring in latest news and updates about mobile games. So on this post I’ll be sharing the latest news I’ve forgotten from the Dream League Soccer company which is the First Touch Games (FTG).

After going through some research about the official release date for DLS 21, I tried as much as possible to come back with some meaningful and useful information to share with you.

Latest News On DLS 21 Release Date:

Here is the screenshot of the email I received after I contacted the official First Touch Games (FTG) about the release date.

DLS 21 Release Date

As you’ve seen from the above screenshot image, the Dream League Soccer company have stated that “they don’t have any news to announce” but they added that we should continue to check their social channels for the latest updates such as their official YouTube channel and Twitter handle.

This means that the game would definitely be released but they don’t have any new information to announce at the moment but when the right time comes, they’ll announce any information about the Dream League Soccer 2021 release date and other useful information on their social media channels.

So for you to get the latest news and updates about DLS 21 official release date, all you have to do is to keep on coming back to this website and also keep on checking this page for future updates and news.

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