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PUBG MOBILE Has A New Anti-Cheat System | New Update

PUBG MOBILE has released a new system that will help in dealing with with cheaters, which is the Anti-Cheat system that will help to improve the competitiveness of the game among players worldwide and at the same time this system Will help in fishing out the hackers or cheaters anywhere they would be playing.

PUBG MOBILE Has A New Anti-Cheat System New Update

According to the PUBG MOBILE company (TENCENT) they released this system in order to increase and improve the gameplay competitiveness between players and this system would also help in finding and cracking down the cheaters, the company also claimed that with the new update, the game can now have the ability to determine in real time if a player is publicly visible in terms of the game host. So now the system can be able to spectate players while playing in the battlefield.

The Company added that the new Anti-Cheat system which is the new spectator system is upgraded with two key importance, the first one is to resolve the use of hacks or cheating by manipulating the normal spectator mode and the second one is to better identify any suspicious behaviour in the game and eliminate them in the game with effects.

The new spectating system consists of three things which are the Host, Game server and Spectator. Before this new update, the cheaters used two different devices to spot enemies inorder to have a biased advantage. Now with the new update in the game, if a player is not visible it will not show the data of the player to the spectators.

With this new update, the company stated that it will eliminate the possibility of every player to have an unjust lead/advantage by spectating and they added that no plugins would be able to modify the game data, this isn’t something to be worried about because the company stated the update will not affect players who are just spectating the other players just for fun.

And apart from everything that’s been said, the company said that it has retrieved an ongoing cheat that gives the cheater the ability to kill an enemy with a single shot.

“PUBG MOBILE’s official team is dedicated to bringing you a fair gaming environment by punishing players who disturb this environment. Through player feedback, we have recently discovered a new cheat that one-shot kills players then invert’s their screen momentarily. The official team immediately went into action and tracked players who have used this cheat. Over 10,000 players have been issued a 10-year ban from the Operations team for harming the gaming environment. Our team will not show restraint to those who undermine the fair gaming environment and use cheats of this type. PUBG MOBILE Operations Team will continue to work hard to provide the best gaming experience for all players who follow the rules. We ask all players for their support in our continued enforcement. Please respect the rules of the game and play fair,” PUBG Mobile Team.

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