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Playing with our customize kits is really one of the best things in Dream League Soccer but unfortunately, a lot of you guys have found it very difficult to create one, so this is not something to be worried about because on this post I’d be sharing the new DLS 20 kits template, with this template you can be able to design and create your Dream League Soccer 2020 kits with ease.

In Dream League Soccer 2020, if the gameplay and every other things are intact and you love playing the game just the way it is then am very sure you’re playing it with a custom kit, but if you’re just playing with a normal kit that you just creates in the game then am also very sure you would love to play the game with your custom type of Kit, so to make things easier and less stressful I took my time out of schedule just to make you guys happy as the Dream League Soccer fans/gamers so you can now create and Customise your own Dream League Soccer kit by just downloading the Dream League Soccer kit Template below and design your Kit using the Pixellab application on your Android device.

This Kit Template is the best and easiest method of making your own DLS 20 Custom Kit by yourself because it comes in a project format and every part of the kit is being named, so all you have to do is to change the colour and design of the kit to the best type that suits you.

This DLS 20 kits template comes in a .zip format so all you need to do is to download and customize your DLS 20 kits, but I know this can be tricky for you guy so all you need to is to watch the tutorial Here on youtube so you won’t get confused and also read the below instructions on how to download and open it in your editing app to customize your DLS kits, don’t forget if you encounter any problems while trying to create and Customise your kit I still make it Very simple for you guys and the simplest way to learn it is to watch the YouTube tutorial video which is a step by step tutorial showing you guys how you can do it, because I know alot of us aren’t really good in reading Tutorial posts but with a video tutorial you’ll find it very easy to do it, and the reason why I made the video it’s because I received alot of comments from one of my YouTube Subscribers and that’s really encouraged me to make the tutorial video for everyone not a single person.

The YouTube video tutorial that I made is also self explanatory which doesn’t even require much explanation, so by watching the video and doing just as I did then you will surely be successful while trying to make your own kit using the custom kit Template, but as I used to say always, if you face any problems while trying to make some changes in order to make your own kits then kindly say it in the comment section or email me at I’ll make sure I reply you and assist you in the best way i can. And don’t forget to carefully read the instructions below on how you can download the kit Template without doing much work because this is the easiest method.

How To Download:

-Click the download button below
-Wait 5 seconds and skip Ad
-Then press allow to continue to the download page.

And after you have successfully downloaded the kit Template, make sure you install the pixel lab application from your Google play store on your Android device.


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