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Slap Kings Apk Download

Hello everyone, after a long break on this website I’m happy to say that I’m back and I’m back with something new for you guys, yeah something new because I’ve never shared something like what would be sharing here before, I know you guys can’t really wait to see what I’m going to be sharing with you but the best way to know what is it is just by reading this post and even looking some of the images attached to this post.

So in this post I’ll be sharing a new mobile game which was recently released few weeks ago on 25 February 2020, a funny action game called Slap Kings, so this game is all about slapping competition, so all you have to do in this game is to slap your opponent harder in order to be the world’s best slapper. You can check some screenshots of the game below and see many things in the game.

I know alot of you would laugh when you play this game for the first just like I did, well it’s really funny because slapping competition are always funny because nobody is expected to fight his/her opponent all you are to do is to slap each other and not to fight each other.

The right time to play this game is when you are alone and bored because I’m very sure this game will entertain you while playing it because you must laugh if you see how slaps would turn the look of a character your opponent in the match, some times we get tired of playing a game without making ourselves enjoy the game but I believe if you play this game nobody would even ask you to laugh because it’ll just be an automated laugh that will just come without you knowing the time you laugh.

Become the world’s best slapper!

Slap or be slapped: that is the situation! This interesting and amazing game will test your quality and timing aptitudes so your smack creates the most force! Your hits will sneak up suddenly. Watch your rivals fly out of the ring when you hit the knockout blow. How far do you want to get in this face slapping great time competition? Would you be able to open your uncommon forceā€¦ the Golden Fire Fist?

Simple to adapt yet astonishing profundity will give you long periods of diversion. Fun characters are simply requesting to get smacked in the face and after smashing their face by the time their appearance changed I’m sure you’ll laugh even though you don’t want to because some characters in the game almost lose their nose, ear and eyes just because of how painful and hard the slap touches their faces.

Time to knockout the opposition and give them who the genuine Slap King is!

Become the world’s best slapper!

Most loosening up challenge you at any point played!

Slap your opponent to be the best slapper!

Each turn you and your opponent slap one another, whoever slaps more enthusiastically meets the new challenger!

Prepare, point and slap hard!

Become the world’s best slapper!

Game Features:

1. Basic yet compelling mechanics

The meter will go to and fro – time it directly for greatest force!

2. Fun Characters

Such a significant number of entertaining characters provoking you to see who is the best slapper out there

3. Force helps

Stuck on a chief? Catalyst with restricted time helps! Protection head protectors to withstand the hardest slaps and your definitive weapon.

4. Chill and have a ton of fun

Pleasant easygoing, unwinding, smacking great fun. Show them who is the Slap king.

Regardless of whether you need to smack, hit, slap, or battle, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the genuine slapping champion game.

Click the download button below and you’ll be redirected to the download page to download the game.

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