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How To Download And Play Dream League Soccer 2020 Beta

Hey guys welcome back to DroidVillaz, on this post I’m gonna be teaching you ways to download and play Dream League Soccer 2020, if you’ll remember few days ago First Touch Games revealed a teaser trailer of Dream League Soccer 2020 which will be released in January 2020, I believe this is something amazing that we’ve all been waiting for because we really wants to play one of the best Football games ever, so while Still waiting for the official global version on this game on this post I’ll be sharing the best and easiest way to download and play DLS 20 before it’s released.

Playing soccer games is really one of the first priorities of a football gamer or football fan but sadly alot of us doesn’t really know how to download and play this game now as it’s not yet officially released worldwide wide, it’s just released in some part of the world but with this tutorial you’ll learn the basic way to download and play DLS 20 on your Android device before it’s out worldwide.

Downloading the game right that’s not release would be really frustrating and you might face some difficulties while trying to download it but with this helpful post I’m sure alot of you will learn the step by step tutorial on how you can play this game on your device using a tricky method which is safe and any other person can do it just like I’m going to do, this is one of the best and easiest method because you would not need to suffer yourself looking for where to download it.

Despite the fact that the game is coming in January 2020 there’s a possibility to play the game in some countries. So if the game isn’t available in your country that doesn’t mean nothing it’s just because the game isn’t available globally until January 2020 but on this post I’ll teach you how to download and play Dream League Soccer 2020 in any country, so the game would be released very soon this is just a beta version of the game and we’re hoping for something that is far better than this version just stay tuned because I’m gonna keep you guys Updated about whatever is happening about this game.

I know alot of you are now happy because we have arrived at the main topic of this post which is to teach you guys how you can download and play Dream League Soccer 2020 before officially released worldwide using VPN to download the directly from Google play store by only following the below instructions. So to talk about how you can do this make sure you pay a vital attention and read the below steps carefully so you won’t make any mistake while trying to download it, so the tutorial starts now. Read it below!


How To Download And Play DLS 20:

1. Download and install Power VPN from Google play store

2. Open the VPN and connect to Singapore server

3. Clear your Google play store data

4. Click the download button below and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store to download and install DLS 20.

Note: DLS 20 is under development, so whatever you see in the game is just for the mean time and the official Global version is coming in January 2020 so it’s just a little time from now and it’s not going to take long so just make sure you subscribe so that you’ll be updated about anything.

And if you still can’t download the game it’s because some phones couldn’t manage it due to running more google accounts, all you have to do is to remove all google account and add  a new one to use it for downloading the Game. So thank you for reading this post and don’t forget to come back for latest updates about video games and if you have any questions or you need help kindly say it in the comments section.

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