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Paris Saint Germain 2019/2020 Kit And Logo For Dream League Soccer

The new Paris Saint Germain Kits for Dream League Soccer are finally ready to use, get it now for better gaming experience, I’m sure everybody enjoys playing with a customised kit but it feels more good when playing with your favourite club’s kit in the game. Paris Saint Germain being the best and biggest club in the French league is just a very big achievement for them because if in a whole league having a total club of twenty and just one club is the biggest then that is indeed a great achievement, so after knowing about that I believe alot of us wants to play with the PSG kits maybe just because of their great achievement but we keep getting and older Kits so that’s one of the reasons that made go through a lot of website to find a well designed Paris Saint Germain kit and logo for your guys.

This post is just and all about PSG kits so we are not going to talk about any other club on this post because it’s for PSG, but everyone can use the kits because there is no permission needed to use the kits

So  the next thing is to get the new PSG kits now and enjoy your gameplay with a perfect atmosphere and new look of your team. And to import these items to your game all you have to do is Turn on your internet connection, Copy the URLs of the Logo and kits separately, paste to your dream league and download. It’s very easy to do but if you face any problems just say it in the comment section and I’ll make sure I help you out because I don’t like to see my readers having problems with what I posted here on this website. You’ll get to know how and what is being added to the kits that makes it looks so attractive and even looks like it’s one the best Kits you can ever have in Dream League Soccer at this time.

New Paris Saint Germain (PSG) home shirt is in dark shading with a novel structure strip in center of the chest. On front you will likewise discover logo of jumpman, fly emirates and group shield on white. A ‘Paris’ logo is printed inside shirt’s neckline. Club’s home stockings and shorts are additionally in dark shading. The away PSG shirt 2018/19 plan is like home kit yet its shading is white and all the logos are imprinted in dark. So on this post am gonna share the new Paris Saint Germain kits and logo.

This kits are just in form of images which are given below all you need to do is to copy the URL of the kits and paste them in your Dream League Soccer game so you can download and play with the Paris Saint Germain kits and logo in your game, I’m very sure you’re going to like these kits because they are highly rated based on their design.

So make sure you do the right thing and the right thing to do is to copy the URL of each kit and paste it in your game and enjoy!

So if you don’t want to make any mistake pay a vital attention and avoid making error while trying to do it or while doing it because a single mistake can destroy every other thing you’re doing. So the kits are given below and it’s all left for you to import them in to your game and shine like a star.

Paris Saint-Germain PSG  Logo


Paris Saint-Germain Home Kits


Paris Saint-Germain PSG Away Kits


Paris Saint-Germain Third Kits


Paris Saint-Germain Goalkeeper Home Kits


Paris Saint-Germain PSG Goalkeeper Away Kits


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