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Manchester United 2019/2020 Kit And Logo For Dream League Soccer

Manchester United 2019/2020 kits for Dream League Soccer 2019 is here and the kits comes in total with home kits, away and third. All Goalkeeper units are likewise included. These kits likewise can be used in First Touch Soccer 2015 (FTS15). This kit is made by Kuchalana.

The new Adidas Manchester United feature model was authoritatively revealed. The Old Trafford club recall in this new model the triplet accomplished by the group in 1999, just imagine playing Dream League Soccer with Manchester United kits and Logo just like other gamers have their own custom and unique kits for their clubs in Dream League Soccer, so the imagination stops now because it’s something that is really happening, from now you can have access to the newly launched Manchester United kits and logo.

The Red Devils new kit for the 2019/2020 season has finally arrived in Dream League Soccer featuring Paul Pogba and the current most expensive defender in the world of Football Harry Maguire, while the 2019/2020 season is still ongoing, I hereby bring a piece of great news for Man Utd fans or Dream League Soccer gamers that want to play with the Man Utd kit in Dream League Soccer game, the kits are available and ready for download, copy each URL of the kits one by one and paste it in your game to download the kit and logo.

The new Adidas model from the Red Devils gives proper respect to the group that won the treble in the 1998/99 season, in which the group won the Champions League, the Premier League, and the FA Cup. So you can now win many more trophies in DLS with the Man Utd kits as your Dream Team will now have their own custom kits and forget about using the random kits that’s you can only Change colour and some designs while editing it, so this kits are just designed the way they are in reality

In the article of clothing, which is prevalently red with dark addresses the neck and marking, there are a few subtleties that review the commemoration: ​​the first, the club’s shield inside another blazon in dark and gold

Play with the real Man Utd Jersey in your Dream League Soccer and have fun, this is very easy to do but if you find it difficult feel free to let me know and I will surely help you out because other club’s kits are available in I believe alot of people are now enjoying the game with their desired kits so it will feel good if you also have your own kits as well.

In addition, in each sleeve, a detail in rubber appears with the minutes of the goals in the final of the Champions League against Bayern Munich in Barcelona, ​​on a pattern of Starball, which also appears on the coat of arms of the shield. Finally, a legend concerning the triplet and that final at the Camp Nou appears at the waist, in black.

So we can’t forget about the good records made by this club, the main thing now is just to focus on the future and give you guys what you deserve as a Manchester United fan or supporter. So now you can get the new Manchester United kits and well designed logo for free and all you have to do is just copy the URLs below and download them in your Dream League Soccer and don’t forget to call my attention whenever you need help about anything you see on this website I’ll gladly assist, so if you need any other club’s kits and logo you can check the DLS kits and logo category for more.


Man United Logo:


Manchester United Home Kits


Manchester United Away Kits


Manchester United Third Kits


Manchester United Goalkeeper Home Kits


Manchester United Goalkeeper Away Kits

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