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Juventus 2019/2020 Kit And Logo For Dream League Soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala featured in the new Juventus 2019/2020 Kit unveiling after having a successive season in the league campaign, here’s the best opportunity to use in order to play with the new Juventus kit. So first of all as Cristiano Ronaldo fan you love to play with him in your team and the team should contain the real jersey he wears in real life, lol that’s not funny though but what I’m trying to say Is that you’re Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan and at the same time you’re a juventus fan wow that’s really some thing nice right, but the main thing here is that you’re playing with juventus team or with Cristiano Ronaldo but without the juventus kit, that really sounds weird but there’s a way for that, because using the kit or playing with the juventus kit is what we all love to do because I know alot of Juventus fans have been looking and searching for a way to get the Juventus kit but found it difficult or the kits URL were unable to be found, so making things easier is what I do and am going to make it easier for you because I’ll provide the latest Juventus Kits and logo for your Dream League Soccer so don’t feel worry about this because I got you covered with my little knowledge.

So the main purpose for this post is to share the new Juventus kit not only to the Juventus fans but with other soccer fans because this kit is for everyone whether you’re a juventus fan or not, so these kits comes in a very interesting design and a well cultured appearance but the question is that how can you obtain this Kits! Well that is not something to worry about because as you come across this post you’ll not leave without seeing the solution on how you can get and import the new Juventus kit to your Dream League Soccer game by just copying and pasting the kits and logo URL, I know your mind is now at rest because the solution is coming up and everything is clear, get it in your mind that these kits are to be used for free and no need to spend your money to buy them, some times it’s hard to understand things that are simple but with the little knowledge I have I’ll explain everything and even provide the kits just like I said earlier, so how do you Import the kits to your game?

You don’t know? Well the answer is given below, check out the Kits and logo below, all you have to do is to copy each and every URL of the kits and logo one after the other and paste it in your Dream League Soccer game and play, after you’ve successfully imported the kits and logo to your DLS game I’m very sure at that point you will see the difference they are going to make because the looks and appearance of the players and other things will make you even feel like it’s just a real kit but it’s just a customised dream league soccer kits which is made to make your game unique and different from other gamers

Great design and style makes the difference in the new kit, but you won’t know that until you try it out, I know you can’t wait to play your first game with this Kit rush now to get your Juventus kit for Dream League Soccer, I’m very sure you would love to play with these kits, but that’s not what we should discuss now, the main thing is to copy each and every URL to your Dream League game, so get the logo and kits URL below and import them now!

Juventus Logo


Juventus Home Kits


Juventus Away Kits


Juventus Third Kits


Juventus Goalkeeper Home Kits


Juventus Goalkeeper Away Kits


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