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Barcelona Kit And Logo For Dream League Soccer

Barcelona Kit And Logo is seems to be more astonishing than the other kit for the 2019/2020 season this is often not just a write up, because everyone knows how it feels to get on a Barcelona Kit whether you would like to play football or simply to place on the kit.

Realistic views and graphics are attached to the kits to make your gameplay to be more realistic even on a low end device, you’ll realise that the players on a Barcelona kit have a far better and awesome appearance than the default kit. This kit is one of the best so far and I guess it has more ratings than the rest of the football kits for the 2019/2020 season.

Even if you are not a Barcelona fan, this kit is one of the best kits you can ever play with as your Dream League Soccer kit.

F.C. Barcelona 2019/2020 Nike kits for Dream League Soccer 2019, and the kits incorporates total with home kit, away and third. All Goalkeeper kits are likewise included. This kits additionally can be used in First Touch Soccer 2015 (FTS15).

The new Barcelona kits includes an example of enormous squares in front and back, supplanting the present vertical sticks . The sleeves stay blue, while the Senyera detail goes to the front of the neck. As indicated by the brand’s announcement, the shirt is motivated by “the trademark squares of the Eixample”, like what we found in the present third.

Blue shorts and stockings with garnet contacts total the jersey

Barcelona Away Kits

Barcelona’s away kit would carry back the plan with a cross-reproduced Blaugrana. The club quit utilizing because of its alleged misfortune has a rebound with the new format Vapor and its cross-neck adaptation.

The yellow base of the coat is finished with a cross blaugrana band that is sliced to offer space to the principle support, while every clench hand is painted an alternate shading. The Senyera shows up on the flexible band of the rear of the neck.

Barcelona Third Kits

The new elective model of Barça is painted pale blue green , blue and grana. The shirt will wear a wide neck , the exemplary logo of the brand and a realistic styled with the main shield of the club, which this year commends 120 years . The model takes motivation from two Kappa models during the 1990s.

All of these kits would really make you fall in love with the game mode than before but the biggest thing that would make the game even more exciting is when you customise your stadium and makes it look just like the Barcelona stadium because even when the fans are wearing the colour of your jersey as their supporting kits, the view of the stadium and every other thing really attract many other things in the game but that’s only if you decide to customise your stadium and make it looks just like the real Camp Nou stadium.

So without wasting much of our precious time let’s jump into the main topic of this post which is the Barcelona Logo and Kits for Dream League Soccer, so if you don’t know how you can import these kits and logo to your game, make sure you pay attention because I’m going to explain and teach you how to import them to your game.

First of all copy the below URL of the logo and kits one after the other then open your game and paste it in your My Club option and download them and have fun while playing with the Barcelona jersey and logo.

Barcelona Logo


Barcelona Home Kit


Barcelona Away Kit


Barcelona Third Kit


Barcelona Goalkeeper Home kit


Barcelona GoalKeeper Away Kit


Barcelona Goalkeeper Third Kit

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