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For each android Gamer, Pubg is synonymous to other Survival games. The game gives you a chance to play with the best of the players from everywhere throughout the world. The game includes a hundred players hopping off from a battle chopper. The point of the gamer is to be the last survivor and the solitary victor. the various ninety-nine clients. The game is made with the best illustrations and sound playback. The majority of this to give a sensible connecting with ongoing interaction to the gamer. The original version of the game requires a lot of space on our devices to run smoothly. But this version of PUBG MOBILE is littler in size and good with more devices with less RAM, yet without trading off the astonishing knowledge that pulled in a huge number of fans far and wide! so now you can play this game on your low-end devices and have fun.

I believe by now alot of us are happy because we can now play PUBG on Android devices with low specifications and features, so the next thing to do is to carefully read the features and some of the objectives of the awesome mobile shooting game, so let read the features of this amazing shooting game below and feel free to download and play now!.


60 players parachute onto a graphically rich 2km x 2km island for a winner-takes-all confrontation. Players need to search for their very own weapons, vehicles, and supplies while doing combating it out in a consistently contracting play zone to be the last player standing. Prepare to arrive, and take the necessary steps to endure many different types of Challenges so you can be the winner of each battle.

– Amazing HD Graphics and HD Audio

The amazing Unreal Engine 4 makes a stunning visual involvement with a dazzling point of interest, practical ongoing interaction impacts and a huge HD map, ideal for the strategic activity classification. Don’t hesitate to fire away on the front line as you play with astounding sound and rich 3D audio effects to make you enjoy the game and even encourage you to win many matches against different players in the world.

– Collaborate and Team up with Friends

Welcome and collaborate with your companions to arrange your flight plan through voice chat and set up the ideal trap for your foes. Give your all to win battles as you are going to face different types of players, either noobs or professionals and make sure you answer the call when your companions need assistance or do your part when Clan obligation calls!

I guess this is one of the best features of this game because there are other games that doesn’t support this feature of communicating between players but in this game you can communicate using your voice so that your other team mates can hear you out when you Wants to say something to them, so in this aspect there is no need for you to type in what to say using your keyboard and all you have to do is communicate using your voice.

– Reasonable Fair Gaming Environment

Ground-breaking hostile to swindling instruments guarantee a fun and reasonable condition for all PUBG MOBILE LITE players.


Official site:


PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.14.0 Update

Date: 2019-08-29

New WP theme and rewards
New outfits included
Refreshed framework settings
Included customization control
Included acts out
Improved UI and update pack size
Improved designs
Fight parameters improved
Expanded exactness of RPG-7
Included bombarding zones

Download Links:

Google Play

Alternative Link:

Apk: Download

Obb: Download

So after reading the description and features of this game I hope you are now with full confidence of winning every Challenges in the battle royale, this is your chance to be the winner winner chicken dinner in this great mobile game.


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