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Get Zlatan Ibrahimovic Starting XI In Dream League Soccer

Few days ago after Ibrahimovic announced his starting lineup which he added no any other players but him alone all in every position in the pitch, so I decided to bring you guys Ibrahimovic Starting lineup and complete team just like he said in an interview on the sports channel, while mentioning his squad the players in the whole team is Ibrahimovic including the manager, which simply means he’s not allowing anybody to manage and coach his dream team, this is just his decision and any other players can decide to do so as well but I don’t think other players will just not to have a coach in their normal team or Dream Team

So this data file is just made for fun, but with that you can still use the file as your main Dream League Soccer file if you wish, so the installation process has no difference because you are just going through the same procedure to download the game. This is not something that is new as we already know Ibrahimovic is a good player when it comes to playing on the pitch so I believe if you get this data as your main personal data for Dream League Soccer you will surely enjoy your gameplay.

So this file is just a Dream League Soccer game data which includes the LA Galaxy Kits and logo and the whole team as a duplicate of one player which is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, so if you take a look at the screenshot you can see that all the players are Ibrahimovic and no other player, this was done only for fun for Ibrahimovic fans and Dream League Soccer fans also, he also said that “I only have to decide the coach. Maybe he will be Zlatan” So take a look at the below screenshot of the Starting XI and get ready to have a strong team in your beloved Dream League Soccer.

As you can see that’s the screenshot of Ibrahimovic Starting XI in Dream League Soccer and it’s not only the normal player Ratings this time around the rating of each player has been maxed to the maximum level so you don’t need to use the Player development option as you can see for yourself but with that still you’ll have access to the unlimited coins where you can use it to buy other players if you need more Players or tired of playing with just Ibrahimovic and the unlimited coins can be used to Heal Player when he’s injured and out for some weeks or months but it’s left for you to decide what to do because even if your Player is in the injury list you still have another Ibrahimovic on the substitution bench so you can make a replacement with the ones on the substitution bench. So let’s head straight to learn how to download and setup the file in order to play with a complete Ibrahimovic team in Dream League Soccer, so if you are a die hard fan or a normal fan of Zlatan Ibrahimovic I’m very sure you are now more than happy because you will be playing with your favourite footballer.

How To Download And Setup:

Click on the below download link you’ll be asked to wait just 5 seconds then press allow to continue and then skip the page and you’ll be redirected to the download page, so after you’ve been redirected to the download page the next thing to do is to is to click the button button to start the download.

After you’ve successfully downloaded the file extract it to your Dream League Soccer Data folder, after extraction is complete you can now play and enjoy your game with Zlatan Ibrahimovic Starting XI.

Download Link:

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