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Hello guys welcome back to DroidVillaz, after some weeks without any DLS Mod, here is a new Mod called Dream League Soccer 2020 Evolution, a version I guess you all have been waiting for over a long time, so the wait is finally over for all of us waiting for this version of Dream League Soccer. This version is extremely one of the best mods of all time because time was taken while making and modifying this game for you guys and as usual as you already know I always try to bring something that will benefit everyone on this website, so you don’t have to worry about what am going to say on this post because it’s something that is self explanatory, so as you continue reading this post you’ll find out that it’s all about something you know and you wouldn’t need more explanation on it anymore.

So as I said earlier this Mod is definitely one of the best Mods I’ve came across so far because it comprises of the knowledge of two good YouTubers that came together in order to make a big difference in terms of Modding games, just know that this Mod is not created by any member in the DroidVillaz family but will definitely make one and I hope you guys will love it and without much time wasting let’s take a look at the in game screenshot of some of the features in this Mod to see the new things that will really blow your mind and make you even much happier than you are right now.


New customised menu with different images that  indicate the section or its function, for example where the technical director refers that is the management of the team.
New team management pitch is included with an awesome design by Giiodroid showcasing his brand name on the team management pitch for users to know that the game is actually Modded by Giiodroid and Gametube360.
All teams logo is is now available in this Mod so there is no need of you downloading it again because every club in the game has its own real logo, so now your opponents will play with their real logo in the game, you can see from the below screenshot.
The Dream League Online mode has a new image which also looks nice in the game and i know you guys would like to see how good it looks in the game check it out below.
New Barcelona kit added as the default kit, the kit was added because it comes from the game data but with that you can still change it to your desired kit and it cost nothing so it’s free and easy.
New Control button has also been added with a nice display design that really makes the game even more realistic and smooth. So for you to download this Mod just click the below download links wait 5 seconds or less then click allow to continue, skip and you will be redirected to the download page, so the next thing to do is to click on the download link to start downloading the mod, but if you face any problems while trying to get or download this mod, then kindly contact me so that I will fix the problem you’re facing but for now I don’t think there’s any problems with the download links.
Download Links
Via Mediafire:
So as I said, this mod is not created by me or any member of the DroidVillaz family, all credits goes to the respective owners of this awesome mode and don’t forget to keep coming back for more updates about Android games and news.
Mod Credits:
Giiodroid & Gametube360

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