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Bayern Munich Save Data For Dream League Soccer 2019

Finally the wait is over, Bayern Munich fans can now be happy to play Dream League Soccer with the Bayern Munich profile data containing the Bayern Munich players.

First Touch Games recently released Dream League Soccer 2019, where every Bayern Munich supporter has been waiting to see the Bayern Munich team or even waiting for the German Bundesliga clubs in the game, but regarding the reply from First Touch Games, they kept saying the same thing and I’m going to quote their answer on the frequently asked questions by the gamers and those in need of the Bayern Munich profile data file for Dream League Soccer, so this is what they always say “Unfortunately due to license reasons we can not include all the Bundesliga players”
Since there are few Bayern Munich players representing their countries in the game, then we used that to modify the Bayern Munich data, so those that are not in the game were created using the create player option in the transfer mode. and even the stadium capacity has been increased to the highest level of capacities so if you have been looking for a way to download Bayern Munich data file for Dream League Soccer 2019 then be happy right now because you are at the right place to download the 100% working file for Dream League Soccer 2019 and you will surely love it by it looks and the amazing features it has,  The data features are below and I recommend you to read the little ones that are available before you download the file and see the remaining highlights!

-Unlimited Coins
-All Players Rated 100
-New Kits and logo
-And More!

Unlimited Coins:
A lot of free coins is being included in the data and the coins is really useful because the coins was used to sign the players you have created and you can also use the coins to upgrade the capacity of your stadium in order to move to the next level or division, and when your players are injured and can not be available for selection to play the next class coming matches, then you will have the ability and the capability to make sure you restore the player’s energy, so the player will recover from injury and will be able to play next game and the coins can also be use to increase player’s rating. and every football fan knows that Bayern are strong football team so they have enough good players so that’s the reason why their ratings were increased in order to be like the real Bayern.

All Players Rated 100:
Every Bayern Munich player in this data, have the overall rating of 100 completing the player’s overall rating, so you don’t have to worry about player development because all players have gotten the complete rating, you can only increase a new player’s development if he’s a new player that doesn’t have the complete rating.

New Kits And Logo:
After you download this data, you wouldn’t have to download the kit or logo because both of them are already in the data, so downloading a new one is not necessary and the kit and logo that is included is not just a kit but the real 2018/2019 kits and their new logo also, so just download the data now and see the rest of the things that I haven’t said in this post seeing it with your eyes is the best thing to do.

How To Install:
-Download and unzip the data file using Zarchiver, download ZArchiver here
-copy “com.firsttouchgames.dls3” to Android/data

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