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How to customize the Stadium of Dream League Soccer

Hi guys it’s Umar Faruq again here with another Dream League Soccer tutorial, teaching you guys how you can change or customize the outfits of your Dream League Soccer stadium, playing with the default outfit really seems to be dull as everytime it doesn’t have any difference with other teams stadium so having a unique design or customization of your stadium it’s really a big and happy feeling and that’s the reason why I bring you guys this tutorial only to show you how can change the outfit design of your stadium, as you can see from the screenshot below it’s an already changed design from the default design to that of Real Madrid logo design, but that doesn’t mean you can not use other clubs logo too, I just used Real Madrid design for the sake of tutorials but any club that is available you can change to their own, you can download other clubs stadium designs below.  

Replacing the outfits of the Dream League Soccer stadium is very easy as i said so just sit back, relax and pay attention to this guide and learn how to change the outfit of Dream League Soccer stadium in just a little time! When downloading the file make sure its ‘env.pak’

How To Change The Stadium Outfit:
-To do this you need to download Zarchiver Here-Open ZArchiver and locate your DLS obb folder > ‘com.firsttouchgames.dl3′
-Open the obb folder
-Rename the obb file to ‘’
-Click on the file and tap on view
-Now open the ‘data’ folder inside the obb file you renamed
-Tap on the ‘+’ button and locate your downloaded env.pak and click the ‘add’ button
-Now go and change the obb file name to default name like this > ‘’

Download env.pak (Real Madrid Stadium)

You additionally need to download Zarchiver Here

Here is some other stadium to download below.

Barcelona Stadium:
Download Here

Manchester United Stadium:
Download Here

PSG Stadium:
Download Here

Manchester City Stadium:
Download Here

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