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Dream League Soccer 2018 v5.04 Mega Mod Apk All Players Unlocked

Hey guys, here with the latest version of Dream League, but not the normal Dream League you know but the one all of us been waiting for which is the Mega mod version and you’ll as well notice that the download link is given below for you to download and play, so just download it right now and have fun while playing. This Mega mod apk allows you to get many features in the game and those features are the ones you will love to hear, but let me tell you one of them before downloading and seeing the other features by yourself, First of all this Apk contains alot of coins that you can use to buy any player of your choice. What is better than having access to buy any player you want, you know that you can’t buy every players but you can buy those players you want and have enough coins, so on this version you will have access to sign any player you want because they are all available to buy. 

Dream League Soccer Mega mod is here and all players are opened for you to purchase with boundless coins and player improvement. 
Enjoy the great movement of the game of soccer that comes your out from where they’re are developed and don’t forget to share with your friends and family to play together and have fun at the same time, check out some of the features of the game below. 


1. Boundless coins 

2. All players are opened 

3. Boundless player improvement 

4. Part more 

For you to play this MOD, you should uninstall the first apk, ensure you reinforcement your obb and information record before you uninstall the first apk. 


Here is the download interface through mega 

Obb Download Link (Optional)

Make sure you check other dream league updates.

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